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Corporate Collectors
 (Partial List)

Atlanta County Club 


Bank of America

Butler Arms Hotel

Waterville, Ireland

Club at Barefoot Beach

Bonita Springs, Florida



Cox Enterprises, Inc.


Crown Pacific Holdings, Ltd.

Hong Kong


Edison State College

Fort Myers, Florida

Florida State University

Tallahassee, Florida

Floridian Golf Club

Stuart, Florida

Hellas Crystal Communications, Inc

 Athens, Greece

Hide Out Golf Club

 Naples, Florida

Hotel du Louvre

 Paris, France

Hull University

 Yorkshire, England

Hyatt Hotels

Island Country Club

Marco Island, Florida

Ritz Carlton

Naples, Florida


Ty Maur, Ltd.

Great Britain

Comments About The Artist

"Emily James is a remarkable artist with singular talents. I am a psychiatrist assisting people in healing from life’s traumas, and it is essential that my office has a serene and inspiring decor that could enhance my client's healing journey. Previously I had a cherished Emily James original hanging in my therapy office (titled “Path to Tranquility”), where my clients frequently noted that painting's exquisitely detailed beauty and overall sense of peacefulness. Based upon that experience I chose to decorate my new office suite exclusively with Emily James paintings.

Emily’s “Tea at the Ritz” transforms my waiting room, magically creating a window overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. As one walks closer to “Tea at the Ritz” it feels as if you can enter the painting and stand on its balcony. With Emily’s artwork throughout, my office suite is “office sweet”! My clients and I are inspired daily by Emily’s genius in creative expression. I am blessed to know Emily and to be a beneficiary of her masterful art talents."


Marlene Steinberg, M.D.
Psychiatrist and Author

"Each magnificent painting is exquisitely executed, incorporating expert technique alongside a prism of masterful colors. When combined with her divine talent, this master artist’s diverse and expansive subject matter captivates audiences of all ages. Creating is the core of her being, and one of her greatest passions in life is to share her talent by creating beautiful artwork for others to enjoy."

Amy Bowker
Art Consultant

"A-R-T & Associates celebrated its 40th anniversary recently. Undoubtedly the very best part of that landmark is working with Emily for the last 23 years. It is one of those rare business relationships that turned into a beautiful collaborative friendship. Our role in that collaboration has been simple, joyous, and oh so very easy. We introduce people to Emily and they in turn enjoy a lifelong relationship with her and her beautiful art. We have never had to “sell” Emily’s work to our clients. They see it, they like, and they commission one painting or a series for their corporate or private collections.

The real joy is hearing a client talk about Emily’s warmth, talent, and style. Her humility and perspective on life, living, and her art are nothing short of spectacular. In my business, it is rare to find one great artist in a lifetime. She is my great artist and my dear friend. Who knows that the next 23 years will bring us!"

David R. Turpen
President, A-R-T & Associates, Inc.

"You don’t just love looking at Emily’s paintings, but you actually experience them. This is because of the startling realism she emotes. You see a bird’s wings in flight, feel the stillness of a pond, hear the quiet of the meadow in bloom… Imagine incorporating the sun glistening on water combined with reflections of boats on a shoreline. Also, her exotic locations carry us directly into the courtyard of a French café or an Italian piazza or a Greek fishing village, each with their own unique ambiance.

Emily was born an artist. She could draw a stunning likeness of a person or object or landscape at a very young age. She has evolved into a consummate professional whose paintings are so realistic they look almost like photographs. Her talent certainly puts her in an elite league of the most renowned artists of our time."

Judy Eggart
Fellow Artist

“Emily is a visual artist who continues to create art with passion and dedication, bringing joy and beauty to the world.”

Sally McRorie Ph.D.

President, National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

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